Frequently Asked Questions

What is MySafeWorkplace®?

MySafeWorkplace® is a third party anonymous incident reporting system. MySafeWorkplace® is a completely separate entity from your organization. Its role is to provide a safe and confidential method for you to anonymously (if so desired) convey your thoughts, concerns and issues to your organization.

When should I use this system?

If you do not feel comfortable using your organization's normal policies and procedures for reporting concerns, you should take advantage of this system. This system allows you to remain completely anonymous when communicating concerns you may have, if you so desire.

How safe is my incident report?

MySafeWorkplace® uses SSL technology that is standard procedure to encrypt data that is being transferred between the user's machine and our server. Any computer or Internet connection may be used to submit an incident report.

How often can I make an incident report?

You may make an incident report as often as you like. There is no limitation on how often or when you can use MySafeWorkplace®. This system is available 24/7 either via the Internet ( or the hotline. Please refer to our US/Canada and International list of numbers on the home page.

Is there a restriction regarding what type of information or problem I can report on?

Your organization provides a list of incident types that it recommends you report on. However, if you feel that none of the available incidents actually reflect the incident you want to submit a report on, you always have the option of typing in your own incident type. Either way, your incident report will be instantaneously sent to the appropriate individuals at your organization.

If I submit an incident report and identify a suspected individual, will he/she be notified of my incident report and be investigated?

Your organization handles all incident reports according to its internal investigatory procedures. Therefore, it is up to your organization if they choose to alert the suspected individuals that an incident report has been filed about them. Nevertheless, your organization will look into each and every incident report that is submitted via MySafeWorkplace® how they do that is contingent upon internal policies that MySafeWorkplace® does not have access to.

How can I be assured my anonymity will be protected when making an incident report?

You have three anonymity options when making an incident report: (1) Remain completely anonymous; (2) Remain anonymous towards (organization); (3) Do not care about anonymity. You are not required to identify yourself when making an incident report. Unless you disclose your personal information, it will not be provided to your organization. If you choose to remain anonymous towards your organization, only MySafeWorkplace® will receive your information, not your organization.

Who will actually see my incident report?

Upon submission, your incident report will be instantaneously electronically sent to the individuals deemed appropriate within your organization. If you have requested the incident report be sent to someone who is not an automatic recipient, MySafeWorkplace® will attempt to send the incident report, if appropriate, but cannot guarantee it will be sent to outside sources.

Will my incident report be shown to the police?

Your incident report is NOT automatically sent to law enforcement. Only if your organization feels law enforcement should receive a copy, or if the law requires it, will your incident report may be submitted to the police.

Can I delete or change my incident report?

Once your incident report is submitted, you do NOT have the ability to make any changes to your incident report. You also do NOT have the ability to delete your incident report or deny access to the individuals automatically designated to receive your incident report. You do, however, have the ability to add information to your incident report via the message boards.

What happens if I intentionally make a false incident report?

The intentional misreporting of information may be actionable and subject to criminal investigation.

How do I check incident report status and continue anonymous communication regarding my incident report?

By using the unique access code and password generated when you initially filed the incident report, you are able to access your incident report. Log on to and click on "Report Status". Enter your unique access code and password in the log in screen and this will take you to the incident report you filed. Located on the top right corner is the report status, which will read either "new", "reviewed", "action pending", or "closed". To the left of that is the Message Board, which contains a "Talk to organization" tab. Click on this to continue anonymous communication via the message boards. You have the ability to read messages posted by your organization, as well as post your own messages. If so desired, the message boards can protect your identity because you are not required, at any time, to include your name or contact information.

Is MySafeWorkplace® affiliated with any religious or political organization?

MySafeWorkplace® is an independent, third party anonymous incident reporting system that has been retained by your organization to report crimes, internal threats, policy violations and other malfeasances so they can be investigated and prevented. MySafeWorkplace® is not affiliated with any religious or political organization.